tourism and disability

tourism and disability

Our chalet and our gîtes in Parrachée and Montcenis are labelled “tourisme et handicap”. Our label was obtained for the 4 deficiencies (motor, visual, auditory and mental) and guarantees to all welcome, accessibility and comfort.

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The motor pictogram guarantees independent access from the chalet parking lot. The main criteria are wide doors (at least 77 cm of useful passage); gentle slopes, no loose and non-slippery floor, minimum maneuvering spaces and use spaces in the bedroom, bathroom, sanitary facilities; passages under the sink, under the tables, under the reception counters greater than 70 cm. The showers are Italian. Do not hesitate to contact us for any specific request.

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The visual pictogram guarantees well-controlled lighting (no backlighting, no glare, no half-light). The elements that need to be identified are contrasted (door handles, switches, etc.). Information and documents are presented in a variety of large print formats. 

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The auditory pictogram guarantees quality acoustics. 

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The mental pictogram guarantees safety in the gîtes. The signage has been adapted and simple illustrations allow a good location and understanding of the place. Anxiety-provoking elements are neutralized or explained at the reception.

Parking and entrances to our lodgings on the same level

Room equipped with a medical bed and a lift (external service)

Easy opening of interior doors

Walk-in showers and accessible sinks

Accessible kitchens and dining tables

Access to the terraces on the same level and easy circulation in the living rooms

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